Tactical gears proven
in real life
The project for the company providing special police protective gear. The goal was to design a multi-page catalog site to demonstrate combat equipment for police officers.
Website design
Corporate site
Feb 2020
The main screen is animated to make it effective. The site is designed in a minimalist style, with little textual information and larger images to showcase the product itself.
Main page
On the main screen of the page there is a large image of the represented ammunition. Animated units have been designed to demonstrate the purpose of this equipment.
Ammunition page
Large images allow a careful visual evaluation of the product. Footnotes with text have been developed for a more understandable study.
Secondary pages
For a more comfortable study of the material, accents are arranged in the form of large headings and images. The text in the project is presented in small quantities. A smooth and easy animation of the content is created. When you point at the image, it is slightly enlarged, and the text appears smoothly from the fade.
Secondary page
The site is adapted for mobile devices and tablets.
Mobile adaptation
The site is adapted for tablets.
Tablet adaptive
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