Live event on four wheels
The redesign for the American giant monster truck show - Monster Jam. Try our best to convey the mood of this grand show. Non-standard grid, large typography and vivid visual content.
Website design
Corporate site
June 2020
The main page allows an user to know what the competitions are, to get acquainted with news and champions, to see and read information about the show, to buy a ticket.
Main page
Trucks page
All types of trucks which are presented at the competition are attended.
Truck page
The story contains information about drivers, parameters and capabilities of the truck, its image and video.
The truck driver's page is a summary of the draft, the awards received, and the scores and videos. Non-standard presentation of photos.
Driver page
Easy and smooth animation makes the site alive. It does not distract from the information being studied. It focuses on the right places.
Animation Main page
Toys page
The page displays toys and clothes of this brand for sale. You can order here.
Video game page
The page for buying video games «Monster Jam Steel Titans» was developed.
All-star Challenge
& Video Game pages
The page of the selected All-star Championship. You can study all the information about this championship and buy a ticket.
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