"I have always wanted to find myself in this life, to do only what I am drawn to, to find my vocation and focus all my energy on it and create. I know that this path is the path of self-realization."
I just do my favorite work, I do creative work by putting myself in it. There was probably not a day when I didn't think about her. Since childhood, I was good at drawing, I was always asked if I go to the art school, but it was with me from birth, and it turned out by itself. But one day I met someone who opened up the world of web design for me, and I once told myself that I would make the coolest sites :) I studied on my own, then dropped out, thinking it wasn't my thing, and looked for myself.

The most critical stage in my life was moving to Moscow, where I got a job in a web Studio with no experience in design, since I could only make up websites at that time. And then I got caught up in the circus:) A client came to our Studio — the head of the circus program. We made a website for him and he invited me to join his team. I decided to taste the circus life, and to this day I ride around the country with great artists, having traveled half the country.:) So I discovered an amazing circus life.

I was trained at Uprock School, where I received serious training in creating really cool and effective projects that primarily solve logical problems for business. I am very grateful to all the people who meet on the way and teach me, lead me to something greater. I am grateful to the World that I then decided to go to Moscow, where my life changed a lot. By expanding our comfort zone, we only become stronger and happier.
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