Swiss Army Knives
The design is in the minimalism style, with the most convenient display of the product in the form of grocery cards. Maximum free space and lightness. Non-standard layout is applied. The font is selected with the serif, which gives some privileged status. All images, text, video and other content are taken from the official website of Victorinox The project was made for non-commercial use and aducational purposes only.
Website design concept
March 2020
On the main screen, the knife is animated with the possibility of selecting categories. In the top menu there are two items - «Collections» and «Categories» are placed in the foreground, as the most important ones. The rest is hidden in the burger - menu.
Main page
Product catalog
Light and unobtrusive merchandise cards. If you place a cursor on the knife, it opens his blades, demonstrating its elegance.
Adaptation for mobile
The design is adapted to mobile devices.
Product page
& About company
The main screen of the product page displays the open knife that can be switched. The page «About the company» tells a little about the company itself and what kind of products «Victorinox» produces.
Easy and smooth animation of the site was done.
It does not distract from studying the content itself.
Home page animation
The design is adapted to all kinds of tablets.
Adapting for a tablet
Wine master page
A minimalist design allows you to concentrate on the product itself, making it interesting and exciting to study. The accents are carefully set in the form of large typography, the space is not loaded, the text is well read.
Animation product catalog
When you point the knife at the card - it opens and the buyer can see which blades are contained in the model.
Payment page
The pages for buying the product have been developed. The product is very convenient to purchase, thanks to the developed interface.
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