Asian minimalism in casual
KMZ is a brand with Asian roots. Strict lines, restraint, tradition, samurai in the world of fashion. It specializes in the production of unisex hoodies. The smart-casual & official brands are being replaced by purely casual ones, as a result of the post-pandemic period.

The task is to develop a clean minimalistic website design with a target audience of men and women 30 - 45 years old who lead an active lifestyle and choose conscious consumption, with their own personal view and principles.
Website design
Oct 2021
Full screen slider with a product demonstration on models. There is no descriptive information here, only the catalog and Instagram. Information about the brand itself can be read in the corresponding section.
Main page
Standard catalog in the form of product cards on models. When hovering over the card, the product is shown larger.
Catalog page
On the page you can see the product from different sides, choose a color, size, read the information and put the product in the cart.
Product Page
We talk about the Brand itself - the concept, the ideas, the benefits and the view of the brand from the creator himself.
About Brand
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